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The Singapore Indian Education Trust (SIET) is dedicated to providing assistance for hardworking Singaporean Indian students from low income families who are experiencing financial difficulties. Assistance through an interest free study loan that kickstarts their educational journey or through a bursary that serves as a monthly pocket money; SIET strongly believes that every student has the right to carve out their educational journey and financial hardships should not limit their access to education.


Partnering with SINDA, every year SINDA-SIET gives out more than 200 bursaries to students from tertiary levels to encourage them to pursue higher skills and educational qualifications.

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What We Offer

Study Loans

There’s no need to put your dreams on hold with our study loans

Bursary Awards

SIET in partnership with SINDA funds students to aid them in achieving success in their educational journey


Your small donation can make a big difference


SIET Office will be closed from 6th April 2020 until further notice. For submission or queries on application form, please get in touch with us.

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